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Our Story

Formed in 2000, Milestones Clinical and Health Resources is a nonprofit, certified outpatient mental health clinic specializing in providing care to children and adolescents and individuals with disabilities of all ages. With over 20 years of experience, we provide a unique combination of behavioral and therapeutic approaches to address the mental health needs and provide comprehensive emotional care for each of our clients.

What sets Milestones apart is our unique team approach to care. Each client becomes part of a team of Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs), masters-level therapists, counselors, clinical social workers, nurses, and behaviorists. This approach ensures that clients receive a continuum of high-quality care.

Our professional staff includes masters-level therapists, behaviorists, clinical social workers, and nurses offering support to our clients including assessments, medication evaluation, play therapy, individual, group and family therapy, and behavioral support and therapy. Milestones also offers parent and family educational workshops and classes. 

Milestones is a division of Stone Belt Arc, a nonprofit organization believing in the uniqueness, worth and right to self-determination of every individual. In partnership with the community, we prepare, empower and support individuals with disabilities and their families to participate fully in the life of the community.

Meet Our Team

We have a unique team that includes Advanced Practice Nurses (who prescribe psychiatric medication with support from a collaborating psychiatrist), masters-level therapists, counselors, clinical social workers, nurses, and behaviorists.
Julie Miller, LCSW
Julie Miller, LCSWDirector of Milestonesjmiller@stonebelt.org
April Gephart, LPN
April Gephart, LPNNurseagephart@stonebelt.org
Monica Leckey
Monica LeckeyRecreation Therapistmleckey@stonebelt.org
Deb Mishler, LCSW
Deb Mishler, LCSWTherapistdmishler@stonebelt.org
Molly Perry, LMHCA
Molly Perry, LMHCATherapist/Behavior Clinicianmperry@stonebelt.org
James Shepard, MA
James Shepard, MABehavior Clinicianjashepard@stonebelt.org
Deb Tanier, LPN
Deb Tanier, LPNNursedtanier@stonebelt.org
Cherry Walden
Cherry WaldenBehavior Cliniciancwalden@stonebelt.org
Barrett Abraham
Barrett Abraham Skills Clinicianbabraham@stonebelt.org
Grant Gilliam, LMHC
Grant Gilliam, LMHCTherapistggilliam@stonebelt.org
Melanie Litkey
Melanie LitkeyBehavior Clinicianmlitkey@stonebelt.org
Bethany Murray PhD, APRN
Bethany Murray PhD, APRNPMHCNS-BC Psychiatric Mental Health CNSbehavior@stonebelt.org
David Press
David PressSkills Cliniciandpress@stonebelt.org
Lisa Stewart, MS
Lisa Stewart, MSBehavior Clinicianlstewart@stonebelt.org
Gina Terpstra, LPN
Gina Terpstra, LPNSkills Cliniciangterpstra@stonebelt.org
Leah Walden, LCSW
Leah Walden, LCSWMilestones Associate Directorlwalden@stonebelt.org
Tracy Ault
Tracy AultSkills Cliniciantault@stonebelt.org
Sierra Hofmann, LMFT
Sierra Hofmann, LMFTBehavior Support Services Coordinatorshofmann@stonebelt.org
Rosalie Lolonga-Gedeon
Rosalie Lolonga-GedeonSkills Clinicianrlolged@stonebelt.org
Angela Nielsen, APRN
Angela Nielsen, APRNPMHNP-BC Psychiatric Mental Health NPbehavior@stonebelt.org
Christopher Robinson
Christopher RobinsonBehavior Cliniciancrobinson@stonebelt.org
Khalil Stewart, LPN
Khalil Stewart, LPNManager of Healthcare Serviceskstewart@stonebelt.org
Laci Todd
Laci ToddMedical Office Administratorltodd@stonebelt.org
Heather Jarvis, LPN
Heather Jarvis, LPNNursehwilson@stonebelt.org
Kacy Deaton
Kacy DeatonBehavior Managementkdeaton@stonebelt.org
Kasmawati Kamaruddin
Kasmawati KamaruddinSkills Cliniciankkamaruddin@stonebelt.org
Yasuo Miakashi
Yasuo MiakashiSkills Development Coordinatorymiakashi@stonebelt.org
Mark Ochsner, MA
Mark Ochsner, MABehavior Clinicianmochsner@stonebelt.org
Maria Rogers, LPN
Maria Rogers, LPNNursemrogers@stonebelt.org
Arnie Strong
Arnie StrongAdministrative Assistantastrong@stonebelt.org
Mandy Voorhies, APRN
Mandy Voorhies, APRNPMHNP-BC Psychiatric Mental Health NPbehavior@stonebelt.org